Deleting ads
Log on, then click on the modify ad button at the top of the page, a new page will then open up with all your ad listings, to delete any one of the ads click on the red circle with the white cross on the right hand side of the list.
Can't see your ad in the paper?
The most common mistake is you have not put a contact number in your user profile when setting up an account.
To rectify this log on using your username and password, then click on My Profile and makes sure that you have placed a contact number in the space provided.
Another common problem but by no means anyone's mistake is, missing our Tuesday 12h00 dead line for the following Thursday's publication. However this does not mean that you have to rebook your ad, it WILL be in the following weeks paper.

Download here

If you are still having trouble call
Dean on (345) 943-7355